Windy Hill Hemp Co.

Windy Hill Hemp is a pharmacist founded, family owned and operated industrial hemp farm in Franktown, Colorado. We produce premium full spectrum cannabinoid rich hemp products that are available nationwide.

It is our mission is to provide a premium CBD Hemp product made from solventless whole flower hemp extract that is tested, consistent, and trustworthy. Every bottle. Every time.

Our Founder

President & Founder 

I’m Kristy and I’m the founder of Windy Hill Hemp. Windy Hill Hemp is the culmination of my 25 plus years experience as a retail Pharmacist taking care of people just like you every day.

As legalization began to spread across the US, many patients came to me asking questions about cannabinoids as alternatives to their current medications. It was precisely these questions that prompted me to begin learning about the benefits of natural cannabinoids such as those found in industrial hemp.

Unlike most pharmacists and healthcare providers, I became convinced that the benefits of cannabinoid rich products had long been ignored. Thus, Windy Hill Hemp was born.

Since 2013, we’ve been developing products in earnest. Thanks to all of the patience and product testing with my family and friends, Windy Hill Hemp is now ready for you and yours.

It is my mission to produce full spectrum cannabinoid rich hemp products that are tested, consistent, trustworthy, and available to everyone. We look forward to becoming your trusted brand of CBD rich hemp.