Businesses We Support

We know it can be difficult to find great products or services, so we’ve made a list of  businesses that we know, support, and recommend. You can be comfortable that we’ve worked with them personally and know that you’ll have a great experience as well.


Adventure Chiropractic – Redondo Beach, CA

Christopher Bruno DC is a licensed Doctor of Chiropractic. In addition to receiving a well rounded chiropractic education, Dr. Chris focused his postgraduate training on restoring and enhancing functional biomechanics for optimal performance. His call to “Performance Care for Every Body” is based on his experience with training, influence and performance results in the arena of professional athletes. This philosophy is based on first identifying and treating the real core issues that cause less than ideal function and ultimately restoring and enhancing functional biomechanics.


Love Wellness, Ltd – Elizabeth, CO

Medicine has always fascinated me, but life sent me on some detours. My first bachelors is in business. A little later in life I came into nursing specifically to work in end of life care, which does remain one of my passions. Along my route to becoming a Nurse Practitioner, I fell in love with Family Practice.  I worked for 2.5 years on the eastern plains providing care for all ages. I then came back to serious illness care for 2 years before starting my practice. I am passionate about addressing the entire person. Working toward wellness together!

Melissa Hetrick, PharmD, BCPS

Nutrition, Health & Wellness Coach – Bethlehem, PA

Dr. Melissa Hetrick, PharmD, BCPS guides hard-working women down a clear path of health and wellness, replacing unfavorable habits with simple changes to attain confidence and balance. Her dream is to help these women and their families learn how to prevent disease with food as their medicine, rather than treating it with an overload of prescription medications.