Honest Herbal Aids Veterans With a 20% Discount on CBD Hemp Products

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DENVERNov. 9, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — Kristy Redmon, founder and president of Honest Herbal, announced that the company is now offering a 20 percent military discount for Veterans.

To qualify for the discount, Veterans must provide proof of their military service. Once established in their profile, the Veteran then receives the discount on all products they order any time without the need for any special discount or promotional codes, making it easy to obtain the products they need and want.

Veterans are facing increasing difficulty in receiving healthcare in a timely manner as insurance companies are refusing to cover the cost of a great many traditional medications and therapies. Physicians are declining to prescribe certain medications due to pressure from government agencies, while other Veterans are receiving outright denials for medical services and must suffer in silence as they begin the time-consuming task of reapplying.

Redmon is a registered pharmacist who is uniquely aware of the challenges Veterans encounter. From her 24 years of pharmacy practice to the fact that both her father and her husband’s father were both veterans, Redmon has seen first-hand the obstacles that Veterans still face.

The 20 percent Veteran’s discount at Honest Herbal is a small way to say thank you to the millions of American Veterans who have so selflessly served our country. Honest Herbal is committed to assisting them with the highest quality health and wellness remedies without the unwanted side-effects of high THC-based products.

Honest Herbal is a small family business. All products are sourced from the family farm in Colorado and come from industrial hemp making Honest Herbal products legal in all 50 states.

Hemp derived CBD is extremely low in sense-altering THC, yet high in pain-relieving CBD. The products encompass all the health and wellness properties, but without the psychoactive components associated with cannabis. This makes it an ideal alternative for those who use it for pain relief and other health or nutritional purposes.

The company offers CBD Hemp Oil Capsules, a liquid CBD Hemp Extract, CBD Hemp Muscle & Joint Cream, and CBD Hemp Hand and Body Lotion to accommodate the widest range of needs and preferences.

About Honest Herbal

Honest Herbal is an award-winning nutraceutical company based in Littleton, CO that produces full spectrum cannabinoid-rich hemp products available nationwide.

Honest Herbal is now Windy Hill Hemp Company.