The Pharmacist Behind the Brand

Kristy Redmon - Windy Hill Hemp

Kristy Redmon, R.Ph. – President & Founder


Kristy Redmon is the Founder and President of Windy Hill Hemp Co. She graduated from The University of Texas with a Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy and is licensed to practice pharmacy in Texas, Colorado, and Arizona.

A pharmacist for over 24 years, Kristy began her career with Albertson’s where she learned and lived the “Service First” model of patient care. She has since held positions in a number of practice settings but has never forgotten that caring for patients with honesty and integrity is what inspires customer loyalty.

With extensive pharmacy practice experience, Kristy has provided pharmaceutical care to patients in retail, long term care, hospice, and Veterans healthcare settings. A Medisca trained compounding pharmacist, Kristy developed and implemented non-sterile compounding guidelines for long term care and hospice patients. She planned and executed new work flow processes that reduced prescription wait times by 66% for Veterans. Kristy also organized and managed clinical drug studies for Veterans with psychiatric disorders.

Over the years that Kristy practiced pharmacy, she cared for patients with a number of chronic conditions. In 2009, it was precisely these patients’ questions that prompted her to begin learning about the therapeutic effects of cannabinoids and low THC strains of industrial hemp. Unlike most pharmacists, Kristy became convinced that the benefits of cannabinoids had long been ignored.

In 2013, she began making various hemp preparations with the goal in mind of personally formulating a line of infused products. Each product would be tested, trustworthy, and produced from full spectrum premium organic industrial hemp. In 2015, she left the practice of pharmacy to focus on bringing CBD products directly to patients.

Kristy formulates all of Windy Hill Hemp’s products, which include CBD creams, lotions, oils, and capsules. Each product has been formulated to achieve the best absorption possible so patients receive the “best in class” in both value and benefit.

Kristy’s personal vision is to provide a product so effective that it inspires a conversation between patients and their healthcare providers about the benefits of cannabinoid rich products. She believes it is the responsibility of healthcare providers to inform patients about all therapies that may benefit them, especially adjunct therapies that could potentially reduce prescription product consumption. She hopes that as the number of legitimate products entering the marketplace increases, providers will feel more comfortable talking to their patients about CBD.